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I have an old Win XP laptop which has wifi in it. I would like to convert this laptop to a wifi hotspot. I should be able to connect from both phones as well as computers. Is there any in-built mechanism to do this within XP?

Best Answer

Assuming you wanted an inbuilt mechanism to convert to a wi-fi hotspot, you could use the Wireless Network Wizard. However, and if I know Microsoft, they might over-complicate things. Also, I never used the tool, so my description might be wrong.

  1. Go to My Network Places (usually at the Start Menu, or in the Control Panel)
  2. in Network Tasks go to Set up a wireless network for a home or small office
  3. Select Set up a new wireless network
  4. Configure your network. I assume that you should use WPA encryption (but due to my own knowledge I can't be sure).
  5. How do you want to set up your network? This is where you can tell how to transfer the settings to the different devices. I assume you want to do this manually.
  6. A prompt will ask you to print certain data and to conclude the process.

As far as I know, this is the only inbuilt mechanism in Windows XP.

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