Windows – Kyocera Mita KM-4030 Network Printer EXTREMELY slow to print from Windows 7

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I have a network with 4 computers and 1 server. The server is running Windows 2008 x64 Standard (Domain Controller). IT IS NOT A PRINT SERVER. The four client computers print directly to the printer, using the IP address as the port. The port protocol is RAW, port 9100, and it doesn't matter if SNMP is enabled or disabled (it is slow either way).

Of the four computers, two are XP and two are Windows 7 32-bit. The XP computers have been here for much longer. The two XP computers print fine, but the two W7 computers print extremely delayed. When I say delayed, I mean that from the time you click "Print" to the time the printer even starts to warm up can take up to a minute.

There is not any antivirus software on the Windows 7 computers yet, only on the XP computers.

The driver used for the Kyocera install on the W7 computers is the Windows 7 version.

I am out of ideas and appreciate any help.

Best Answer

Have you tried changing the print processor to WinPrint and data type to RAW? Properties-Advanced-Print Processor. Also check the queue on the system doing the printing when you send a job and see if you get any more info. Things like size of the spooled job.

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