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My external keyboard doesn't have the brightness key but it comes with an fn button. I tried a bunch of key combination with the fn key + the f keys and I found out how to raise the volume up and down (fn+f11 or f12) but not brightness.

I know that the easiest way is to use the laptop's keyboard but mine is a Lenovo yoga 720, so when it folds, you no longer have access to its keyboard so that's why I would really like that functionality with an external keyboard if possible.

Best Answer

I agree with RuSh. Some multimedia external keyboards do their own functions, so even though a lot of laptops use Fn+F5 & Fn-F6 for decreasing/increasing brightness your keyboard and it's respective drivers may utilize different keys. For example, my Microsoft Wireless Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard has a completely different set of functions, so I have to rely on the options outlined in the previous post.

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