Windows – Is it possible to install a program without admin rights?

windows 10

Is there any way to run a set-up or installation wizard without admin rights? I know that you don't need admin rights to download .exe's and .zip's but set-ups and installation guides usually require admin rights.

I'm asking about Windows 10.

Best Answer

It depends on whether or not the installer does anything that requires administrative rights on the operating system.

If it does, then no, you can't install it without admin rights whether that's with the account that you're using or running it as an admin or a different user.

If it doesn't, then yes, you can install it without admin rights. I don't know if this is true today, but it was possible to install CC Cleaner under Windows XP or Windows 7 (can't remember which) without admin rights. I'm a Linux Systems Engineer right now and haven't done Windows desktop support in a while but I believe it's possible to install the software for Xerox's printers without admin rights in Windows 10 (at least it was in Windows 7). Some of the other printer software allows it to be installed without admin rights.

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