Windows – InstallIQ updater for, why is it on the Windows XP machine and do I really need it

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What is InstallIQ updater for, why is it on my Windows XP machine and do I really need it? I searched Google, but I have been unable to find out any usable information.

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InstallIQ is a software toolkit that developers can use to package their software, allowing users to download and run a single file to install the packaged software. The most common example is InstallShield, but there are others. InstallIQ seems to be aimed at developers who want to increase revenue by bundling their software with assorted crapware, some of which is of dubious value and questionable quality. Fortunately, software that is usually packaged with InstallIQ (like Digsby) may also be available in less annoying packaging. My advice is to identify which software on your system was installed with InstallIQ, uninstall it along with all crapware that came with it, find alternative installation methods for the software you need and use that instead. This HowToGeek post has some examples.

Also, as a general rule, always perform custom installs and disable installation of anything extra that you don't really need. That includes most browser toolbars, which are almost all terrible.

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