Windows – I can’t navigate to the SD card directory using cmd in windows

windows 10

I have a surface pro 3 with a 32gb SD card. I've set the OneDrive location to this SD card (since they removed the placeholder feature and so I am forced to download everything). The drive letter assigned to the SD card is D:\, verified by disk management utility.

The problem is that I am unable to acces this drive/card with command line – both regular and admin elevated. ie, the command cd D:\ simply just returns nothing and stays in the current folder.

This is causing quite a few command line tools to break on my computer as it dosnt return an error (but nothing seems to work).

The answer marked below is correct. However, for more information try CMD cd to other drives except C:\ not working

Best Answer

Unlink Linux, windows is odd.

Just type this command




This will switch to the drive