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I recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium, and it doesn't any in-built terminal, so I need to copy hyperterminal.exe from an external source and then execute it.

I am planning to upgrade to Windows 8. Does Windows 8 have the HyperTerminal program by default? If not, then do I need to install it from Windows Components or install it externally from Microsoft’s site?

Best Answer

I have Windows 8 Pro, and I don't have the HyperTerminal program installed by default. Additionally, I don't see any option to install it via Windows feature install.

According to this post about HyperTerminal in Windows 8, you'll have to copy it over from a previous installation of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. If you have them from your Windows 7 machine, save them for Windows 8. Or you could use one of the alternative terminal emulators. I've used TeraTerm in the past, and it was pretty solid.

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