Windows – How to view multiple pictures in Windows 10

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Ok so back in Windows 7, there was a program called Windows Fax Viewer or Windows Gallery. Something like that, it was the default image viewer. It let me view the next picture in the folder. The bad thing was that it didn't keep the view size (i.e. 100% zoom) on the next image.

So here comes Office Picture Manager in Office 2010. I can view the next image at 100% (this was good for reading comics).

So I upgrade to Windows 10 and the default "Photos" application seems to more like a basic photo editor than a viewer.

I downloaded Office 2016 and they removed Office Picture Manager…

Best Answer

If you are seeking other programmes which display photos at 100% scale, than what Windows offers, use IrfanView. And from Options -> Properties/Settings, pick the tab Full Screen / Slideshow and set the radio button to Show images/movies with the original size. Confirm your changes. You can use Left and Right arrows on your keyboard to switch between photos once you open one.

Optional: set IrfanView to be the default photo viewer.