Windows – How to turn off USB charge

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Is there a way to turn off USB charge completely?

There is manager that allows me to set power-off charging only when the notebook is plugged in or even when it's on battery, but with a certain battery level. But no "turn off completely".

The thing is, this is my only USB 3 port, and my external driver is connected to it. But I don't want it running day and night, and unplugging/replugging it is just a pain.

Acer Aspire 8951G

Some clarification:

I have an external HDD that gets it power from the USB port. Even if I turn of the computer, the HDD won't shut down, because there's "power-off charging" on that port. This is my only USB3 port, so using an other port is not an option.

Best Answer

If you have an Acer laptop there's "Acer USB Charge Manager" - an excellent application you can download from It allows you shut down the charging on the USB 3.0 port when you turn your laptop off. (I had the same problem as you - fan still running on an external USB laptop cooler, even after shutting the laptop off, or even in hybernate mode. Highly annoying and my only solution until I found the Acer USB Charge Manager was to pull the USB cable out)