Windows – How to turn off annoying blue light in laptop webcam

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I'm trying this free app from luxand. Used to login using your face.

And it needs the webcam to record my face. But it comes with the annoying blue light. And it takes too long to record. Its about 1 hour already and the progress isn't even half.

And it really disturbs me. Is there any way to disable it? Does it affect the clarity of the image if I disable it?


Compaq b1200

Windows 7 32-Bit

2GB Ram 2GHz

Intel Processor

Best Answer

In general you can't easily disable the light on the webcam via software. It's a security "feature" to prevent you being on camera without knowing it.

May I suggest the the same fix I gave grandma for her flashing 12:00 VCR?... I bit of black electrical tape.

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