Windows – How to remove styling for text files in Notepad++

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If I open a text file in Notepad++ it defaults to formatting some elements such as numbers, text between apostrophes, backslashes etc.

How to I tell N++ to display .txt files with none of this formatting?

Best Answer

Run it from the command-line as such:

notepad++ -ltext [filename]

Or from the menu: Language, N, Normal Text.

That's lower-case L in "-ltext" by the way.

Update: To make it work by double-clicking on the file in Windows Explorer, put the above in a batch file as such (call the file, say, C:\OpenTxt.bat):

C:\full\path\to\notepad++ -ltext %1

Then in Windows Explorer, right-click on any .txt file, choose Open With then Choose default program, Browse, choose your C:\OpenTxt.bat and check Always use the selected program to open this kind of file. Then OK.

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