Windows – How to make a very simple executable (.exe) file


My goal is to run a VBScript file (.vbs) from an executable file (.exe) located in the same directory "E:\". What would be the simplest way to make the executable file?

I won't use something similar to "BAT to EXE Converter" or "VBS to EXE" because they're creating a file in the TMP folder, and I don't want that, it's not a simple way to open a file: the application could simply open the .vbs file already created i nstead of creating, opening and deleting a batch file that would start the .vbs file.

Why do I ask this? E: is a CD drive (I store data in it by making ISO files and mounting them). I want a .vbs file to run once the CD is inserted to a PC so I made the autorun.inf file but the problem is that it can only open a .exe file, it doesn't work when I type open=launch.vbs

Best Answer

You should be able to trigger batch files (.bat) from autorun.inf. Then, script the batch file to run your VBS file.

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