Windows – How to know how much swap is used on Windows 7

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Apparently, as per Commit charge is 100% full but physical memory is just 60% when using no page file and, the Commit numbers in Windows 7 Windows Task Manager include both the physical and the swap memory, and count the virtual memory that has been allocated, but not necessarily has ever been used yet (i.e. not necessarily backed up by any physical source).

As such, is there a way to know the actual swap usage on the system? Simply subtracting physical memory from the Commit numbers won't work, as it apparently includes this unused-but-allocated space, too.

I mean, Windows 7 is supposedly a modern operating system; surely it must have the functionality to see how much of the swap space is actually presently being utilised, right?

Best Answer

The Performance Monitor (perfmon.exe) has counters for the page file usage.

  1. Load it up by either running "perfmon" on a command line, or by selecting "Performance Monitor" under Administrative Tools.
  2. Expand "Monitoring Tools" in the left column and select "Performance Monitor."
  3. Right-click on the graph to the right and select, "Add Counters."
  4. Scroll down the list of available counters to "Paging File."
  5. Click on the down-arrow icon to the right of "Paging File."
  6. Click on "% Usage" under "Paging File" and then click the "Add" button to put the counter under the "Added counters" list on the right.
  7. Click the "OK" button.

The graph will now contain a line for the page file utilization percentage.