Windows – How to isolate HDMI sounds to a TV while game sounds to system speaker in Win7

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I have a desktop PC which I use to play games on AND watch films.

Its a Win 7 OS… with an ASUS EAH6450 hd gfx card with HDMI, DVI outputs.

Is there a way for me to be able to play a game on the monitor (through DVI) with just the system/game sounds coming through my system speakers while my partner watches a film on the TV through the HDMI output using Media Player Classic (with just the film soundtrack)

Sofar the only way for me to be able to play while she watches TV is to mute the gamesounds from within the game so there is no bleedthough/cross-over from the game to the TV which kind of ruins the game experience.

Best Answer

The best solution I've had is by using a media player that supports selecting the output audio device.

Personally I use VLC, and the option still seems hidden. In the preferences dialog, with all options enabled, it's under Audio > Output modules > DirectX.

I just keep it set to my HDMI connection and my speakers as the default audio device.

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