Windows – How to install IE9 when KB2120976 is not applicable to the Windows 7 x86 Ultimate edition

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I'm trying to install IE9, visit, download it and then says it's downloading prereqs.

After a minute, the installer says there's a problem and directs me to Prerequisites for installing Internet Explorer 9 Beta

I click on the x86 installers one by one… most say "already installed"..

But says "The update is not applicable to your computer". Lame.

So I try the IE9 install and the go through the whole process again with the same result.

I discovered there's an IE9 install log at C:\Windows\IE9_main.log which logs the install process and reports an Error for 2120976

 00:06.630: ERROR:   Error installing
 prerequisite file
 0x80240017 (2149842967) 00:06.677:
 INFO:    PauseOrResumeAUThread:
 Successfully resumed Automatic
 Updates. 00:12.090: INFO:    Link
 clicked, opening URL in new
 00:12.106: INFO:    Setup exit code:
 0x00009C47 (40007) - Required updates
 are missing from the system.are
 missing from the system.

Any idea why KB2120976 is inapplicable to my LEGAL Windows 7 Ultimate system?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: I never figured this out… And ended up building a new more modern machine with a modern graphics card. This new machine kix butt and doesn't have any issues running IE9 — W00t!

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