Windows – How to get Windows XP to play a sound on mouse clicks

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Is it possible to play a sound each time the mouse button is pressed in Windows?

We have some touch screens PC's that run Windows XP, and would like them to beep when pressed so the users know they have registered the click. (the touch screen acts a the left mouse button)

I have looked in Sounds and Accessibility options but can not see anything that would work.

If there is nothing in windows that would do this is there any third party applications to do the same job. We don't need anything lavish just a simple click or beep would suffice.

Best Answer

I was able to make a small AutoHotkey script that emits PC speaker beeps on mouse button presses and releases:

~LButton::     SoundBeep, 261, 20
~LButton UP::  SoundBeep, 523, 20
~RButton::     SoundBeep, 392, 20
~RButton UP::  SoundBeep, 785, 20
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