Windows – How to force a Windows 8.1 Tablet to boot from a USB stick

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I've got Dell Venue 8 with Windows 8.1 (32 bit) Dell tablet (no keyboard).

How do I get it to boot from the USB Repair drive (USB Stick) when it starts up?

USB is formatted FAT32.

Best Answer

  1. Access the BIOS on boot up

    You can access the "basic" bios by holding volume down while pressing the power button when the tablet is off (not sleep, but actually shut down).. Hold the volume down until the bios screen appears

  2. Go to the Boot menu in BIOS

  3. Go to the boot devices. My USB drive was listed but listed last.

  4. You'll need to select each item and change it. I started with the last item (my USB drive) and then just set each one to the item above it until I got to the #1 slot (the USB drive)

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