Windows – How to connect Windows XP to printer connected to Windows 10 Pro

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I can see the printer, but I get “Permission denied.” I add everyone, guest, guests, set all privileges for all and always the same: “Permission denied.”

Not only home, but professional also can’t connect.

Best Answer

Finally I found the solution here; many thanks to wjacsh:

  1. You have to see the printer in explorer - so you have to log into \\Win10MachineName (with valid credentials)
  2. Add Printer - LOCAL Printer, new Local Port : \\Win10MachineName\sharedPrinter (e.g \\MyComp\HP1005)
  3. If the port is in use, find it in existing Local Ports
  4. Voila!!!

If you have problem with “Printer Processor not found or invalid” - change driver; don’t use the existing driver.

updated: There can be problems with credentials - if you are not logged in to \\Win10MachineName after reboot - the port is unavailable until you log in.

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