Windows – Headphones detected by Windows when plugged in but doesn’t detect the unplugged event

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I replaced the front panel PCB on my desktop computer when I pulled on the headphone jack and broke it. I got a new one (warranty replacement from the OEM) and installed it. I double-checked that everything is hooked up correctly and that I attached the grounding wires precisely how they were on the original PCB. However, with the new PCB, I'm seeing this behavior consistently with the headphone jack.

(From an initial state where Windows has the headphones and speakers devices enabled, and my desktop speakers are connected to the rear panel port at all times. Headphones are unplugged.)

  1. Sound works fine and comes out of my desktop speakers.
  2. I plug the headphones into the headphones jack on my front panel. Windows detects the headphones and sound comes out of them, disabling speaker output.
  3. I unplug the headphones. Windows does not detect the headphones being unplugged, still sends sound to the headphone jack, and the desktop speakers remain silent.
  4. I go into Playback Devices and see the headphones still listed as "plugged in". I disable them, and then Windows outputs sound from the desktop speakers again.
  5. I re-enable the headphones device in the Playback Devices window, and Windows detects the headphones as unplugged.

After step 5, the headphones' status will remain as unplugged until I plug them in again, at which point the whole process starts over again.

I would like to not have to go through the disable/enable device dance every time I unplug headphones from the computer.

I mentioned that I double-checked all my connections from when I installed the PCB. It didn't look obviously damaged or different from the original. I re-fastened all the ground wires and went over everything again.

What else could be going on? Is it likely that I missed something when connecting the ground cables? Is something dirty or is there something I can tweak to fix it? Is the PCB I got as a replacement faulty? Or is this something that can be fixed in software?

Best Answer

This is definitely a hardware issue, do not waste your time anywhere else. Either your replacement is faulty or probably dirty; you should try some compress air and see before replacing the just added pcb for a new one.

As a reference you can see here a "similar" issue also with a RealTek