Windows – Does Windows system image include the boot partition

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I'm planning to switch my boot drive to an SSD. I've reduced the size of my C:\ drive so it would fit on the SSD, and made a system image via Windows Backup and Restore.
I'm not certain if the 100MB Windows 7 boot partition is included in that image.

If the entirety of the system drive is backed up, I can simply restore that image onto the SSD and be done, right? If not, how do I move everything to the new drive, and assign it as C:\?

Best Answer

I'm not sure the default Windows Backup and Restore creates an image. It normally creates an archive of files and settings and certain programs, but in cases of full system failure or new HDD, you'd have to install windows first, and then run the Backup and Restore to put all those files and settings back into place.

Many HDDs come with imaging utilities on bootable CDs that allow you to copy one HDD to another, in cases of an in-place upgrade such as you're doing. Or they allow you do download a tool like that from their website.

Otherwise, there are several disk imaging tools for free and cheap you can use to do this as well.