Windows – Does GeForce 710 GT support three displays support? How to? Practice

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Recently our company decided to order GeForce 710GT in order to support three displays for multiple PCs. But practically it doesn't work at all. The third display is not recognized by OS and NVidia driver. I am about to exchange it or even make a return.
Please advise anything useful regarding this matter. The driver is recent one. Windows 10.
Not active cooling system that was delivered

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My answer regarding this matter is just usage of the correct cables. HDMI for HDMI, VGA for itself and DVI (the most a s s). DVI must be splitted pins + 1 plain. Adapters for DVI don't work as I have tried. By the way, I am satisfied with GeForce GT 710 GT. Thanks for your attention, I hope it will be useful for someone.Geforce 710 GT cabling

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