Windows – Disable all ‘Ctrl’ key shortcuts in AutoHotkey

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I'm trying to lock down a kiosk PC and need to disable various 'Ctrl + key' keyboard shortcuts.
I started by disabling them individually using AutoHotkey


but keep discovering new ones shortcuts (did you know that 'Ctrl + Q' in IE8 displays a tab thumbnail page). So I tried to disable the Ctrl key completely using stuff like:


with no luck.

Any ideas?

Best Answer

For the standard shortcuts, refer to this list and setup a hotkey instance to override it. For example, I made an ALT & F4 hotkey, which would normally close the active window, and made it enter some text instead. It works:

ALT & F4::
Send foobar ; This line sends keystrokes to the active (foremost) window.

That only fixes each instance. To disable a key (ALT) by itself use:


For more on that see this.

Watch out for other key combinations made possible by installed software/reg edits such as this video card instance.