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I am using Xnview MP which is still in beta right now. I accidentally made a copy of some folders through drag and drop in their folder tree. Then I tried deleting them through it. Contents got deleted but the folders remain.

Explorer always gives the error "Couldn't find this item". Console gives "The system cannot find the file specified." on delete.

The name is not long that would require to be renamed.

I want these folders gone. Restarting the system doesn't do anything, there are also no handles which open for them at all. Please help.

Update: CHKDSK doesn't do anything.

Best Answer

I coudln't delete a folder with a TRAILING SPACE. I had to use a slightly different format of path from the command line to remove it...

rd "\\?\C:\holds bad subdir\20120530-04 "

credit goes to this post...

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