Windows – Computer shutting down every 2hrs


Every two hours, my windows pc shuts itself down and then reboots. I installed a new psu and went into the BIOS and restored the default settings, but nothing changed. What could be the problem and how could I fix it?

Best Answer

Your computer may be restarting because of a critical system error ( also known as the "Blue Screen of Death").

Most installations of Windows have a default setting that causes them to reboot rather than show you the error message associated with the crash.

If you open your start menu and right click on Computer (or maybe it's called "My Computer"?) and go to Properties.

On Vista/Win7 there should be a link labeled Advanced System Settings on the left hand side-- Click that.

Then under the Advanced tab, go down to Startup and Recovery and click on the Settings button.

Uncheck the box labeled something like "Automatically restart on System Crash"

Now your computer will actually give you an error message when it crashes, so you'll be able to figure out what's wrong with a little Googling.

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