Windows – Clipboard replacements (Ditto, ClipX) stopped working in Windows 7

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Over the past few days, I've noticed that the clipboard replacement application I use (Ditto) isn't working any more. Specifically, it isn't copying items to its list. It still shows the history of items copies before, but doesn't add any new items. I am still able to paste past items, so the program is still functional.

It will work for a while after quitting and restarting the program, but then it will soon stop getting new items again.

I've tried using ClipX, another clipboard replacement app, and that doesn't get new items either. This leads me to think this is a Windows problem.
I'm on Windows 7, 64-bit.

Is anyone else having this problem? Any ideas on what might be causing it?

Update: I've found that if I Disconnect from the clipboard, then Connect to clipboard again, then it works for a while, but stops collecting items again after 15 mins.

Best Answer

The answerer left an update in the comments:

Update: For some reason, this problem went away on its own. I'm able to use Ditto as it used to work, collecting everything that I copy. This is kind of frustrating, as it doesn't address the original issue. – Bassam Mar 1 at 18:03

Here are some suggestions if you might experience this problem as well:

  1. Try to run with elevated permissions and a less locked down UAC.

  2. Update your Windows and software.

  3. Create a new user profile to see whether it happens there.

  4. Remove automatically starting entries, as another start-up program might perhaps interfere...