Windows – Can’t access the Internet in VMware Workstation

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I'm using VMware 7.1.2 in Windows 7 with Ubuntu 11.04 as a guest OS.

In the host OS (Windows 7), I can access the Internet without any problems but in the virtual machine I can't access the Internet.

I've tried the following but with no success:

  1. Use all methods of connecting to the Internet in "Virtual Machine Settings": Bridged, NAT, Custom; none work.

  2. Used cabled and wireless connections on the PC – neither of them work.

I've used Ubuntu in VMware for several months – previously the Internet was always accessible. Could the cause of this be because I upgraded to Ubuntu 11.04?

Best Answer

  1. Select bridged networking for the VM.
  2. Reboot the VM.
  3. Troubleshoot networking in the VM as if it were a real PC on your network that can't connect to the Internet. As an example:
    1. What does ifconfig -a say? Do you have a real IP address from your network? If you use static IPs, then go configure one for this VM in Ubuntu.
    2. Can you ping the host's (Win7) IP address from the guest?
    3. Can you ping the private address of your router or default gateway? 3d) Can you ping

It's likely something in your guests network settings changed, maybe it thinks you have a new network card, maybe name resolution isn't working, maybe some firewall settings changed.

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