Windows – Better GUI for vim


I enjoy using vim, its endless features and the way it does things (for the most part). I've been using it on and off (not as my main editor) for at least 7 years now, so while I'm far from being an expert, I generally know my way around it.

Now, while I love it in the command-line, I'd really like it to be my main editor in Windows and Linux GUIs. But… gvim… is horrible. It breaks so many usability "rules" on Windows that it's not even worth fighting with it. Not even Cream, with its changes and fancy .vimrc, saves the day.

So, my question is: is there a modern vim GUI for Windows and Linux that makes it look and behave as most GUI editors? Having Sublime Text, Kate, TextMate or Editra's GUI with vim's features would be incredible. I realize all four (as well as many other editors) have plugins that sort of makes them behave like vim, but it's nowhere close (at least for Editra and Sublime Text, not sure for the others) the real vim.

Vim being open source, I'm really not sure why there hasn't been a complete GUI overhaul yet. Do people not use gvim?

Best Answer

vim is designed for using the keyboard efficiently, not for using the mouse. thus, i find your complaint about a bad "gui" a bit awkward. if you do not like vim or if you do not want to learn how things are done in vim, thats just fine. but then you have to use another editor because vim just does not match your requirements.

so, i doubt there will be any gui-version of vim that matches your expectations of what a decent "graphical" editor should look like or should behave.