Windows – Add recovery partition to advance boot menu options


I want to add a WinPE automated recovery partition to a computer, can this boot option be added to "Advanced boot options"? (Like where Safe mode options are).

Best Answer

You can set any loader to be launched from "Repair Your Computer" in Advanced Boot Options [ABO]; check ReAgentC for adding WinPE to ABO.

Visual BCD Editor allows replacing/setting any loader as Recovery loader:

  1. You need 2 entries [elements] in the main Windows loader:
    1. RecoverySequence: GUID of loader to be launched for recovery
    2. AutoRecoveryEnabled: Set to 1 or yes/true Windows 7 loader
  2. A recovery loader is a normal NT6 loader (Vista, 7, 8):
    1. WinPEMode:true
    2. RecoveryOs: true Windows 7 Recovery loader
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