Windows – Accessing Ubuntu guest (VirtualBox) node.js server from Windows host

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I'm attempting to set up a node.js server on my Ubuntu guest OS running on VirtualBox.

A simple "Hello World" HTTP server runs fine if I try accessing it from a browser on the Ubuntu image, but I'm struggling with opening the page on a browser in the host OS, which is Windows 7.

I'm using the "Bridged Adapter" setting in VirtualBox and am getting a 192… local IP address for the guest machine.

The server listens on port 8124, so I forwarded that port (TCP and UDP) in my router settings.

When I try opening [Ubuntu IP Address]:8124 in my browser, I get a 'could not connect' message. As I mentioned before, "localhost:8124" on an Ubuntu browser shows me the "Hello World" page I want.

Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

Best Answer

You have to open the Port on your guest system too. I had a similar error in my system and also set the firewall rules after it was suddenly

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