Windows 8.1 can’t remove existing paired Bluetooth device nor connect new one

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I have a surface pro 3 with windows 8.1 and currently installed microsoft sculpt touch mouse and creative inspire 2 sound system.

I have bought a new bluetooth microsoft sculpt mobile keyboard.
The keyboard is not recognized by my surface. It is recognized by a friend's surface.

Why ?

So I've tried to uninstall all my bluetooth devices and when I do so from the device manager, than remove them from bluetooth seetings, making sure ghost related devices are removed too, they still reappear, even if those devices are off.

Why ? How can I reset my entire bluetooth configuration ? How can I have my surface recognize my keyboard ?

(all simple solutions have been tested : rebooting, disconnecting, changing battery, put the devices close enough… and as I said, the keyboard is working fine on another surface which had no other bluetooth device)

I tried that too, without success, everything re-appears :

Best Answer

Wow, I finally found the solution. It's crazy the time we can lose for such basic services.

From :

Go to START icon and type in services.msc and select services.

The dialog box that opens has a long list of stuff but look for BLUETOOTH SUPPORT SERVICE. Double click to open. Make sure it is AUTOMATIC. Go to the LOG tab. Choose THIS ACCOUNT and type in LOCAL SERVICE. A list of password (a 15-dot string) would appear. Delete all the password in the PASSWORD and under CONFIRM. Choose Okay.

It will ask you to restart the service. Once restarted, turn on your bluetooth adaptor again. Put your mouse in pairing mode and add the mouse. It works perfectly!!!

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