Windows 8.1 Boot Hangs – Fixing Session Init Delay

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As the title already says, my Windows 8.1 installation take quite some time to boot (without FastBoot).

I managed to record an etl file of the boot process. The result is a very large file: 4.5GB, compressed: 250MB

When viewing this file in the Windows Performance Analyzer, I see that of the 144s boot time, about 120s are spent in "Session Init" phase and for about 90s of that time it is basically doing nothing, with smss.exe using full cpu on one core, and nearly no I/O happening.

Can you recommend a way to analyze the situation?

Best Answer

Initializing the Registry (ntdll.dll!ZwInitializeRegistry) takes a loot of time and causes the CPU usage. From the callstack I can see that the Bitlocker driver is involved (fvevol.sys!FveFilterDeviceControl). Is your HDD encrypted with Bitlocker? Disable Bitlocker and see if this improves the situation.

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