Windows 7 stalls on ‘Please wait…’

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Running a Win 7 x64 machine. About a week and a half ago it started stalling on the 'Please wait…' before login. I tried the hotfix to no avail. I am able to get past it once the screensaver kicks on and I wake it. Thoughts anyone?

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before the screensaver (c:\windows\system32\morley.scr) kicks up, Windows Installers installs some software which is triggered by Kaspersky NetworkAgent (klnagent.exe). Look in Kaspersky logs to see what it does during boot.

This causes a lot of disk IO during boot and slows down boot a lot.

enter image description here

I checked the callstack of some disk activity and see that a Lenovo driver called DzHDD64.sys is involved. Look if this driver is really required and if not, remove it.

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