Windows 7: How to change the taskbar font size

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Windows 7 (Aero) does not offer an option to easily change the taskbar font size.

I was using the Medium Text size of 125%.
(Set via Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display)

The problem I found was that many programs, sad to say, Microsoft's included, don't scale or position properly at other than 100%. I've reset the DPI to 100%, and have been able to customize most of my windows settings for easy reading, except the task bar font size

In Summary:

  • There are many ways to change the taskbar font color.
  • I'm looking to increase the actual font size.

Best Answer

You can not change the appearance of the taskbar in that way, The only alternative I see is not using the default Explorer shell (taskbar & desktop). Windows has the ability to use alternative shells.