Windows 10 Unistack Service Group hogging CPU to 40% or more

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CPU is in high load, consuming battery and with the fan always on. Examining Task Manager, I can see the Unistack Service Group taking 40%-45% of load. Specs of machine: Windows 10 Pro 64 bits on Intel Core I5 with 8 GB RAM. There is no way to stop this: Unistack services group did not exist in Services Panel or from Task Manager is disabling to kill the task. ┬┐How do I stop or fix this problem?

Best Answer

The Unistack Service Group is part of the Windows Store and this happens when you get App Updates. To "disable" the usage, disable the automatic App update in the Store options

enter image description here

and check for updates on your own and install them if you don't do work and you can ignore the higher CPU usage.

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