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I am about to upgrade my computer to Windows 10 but I am unsure about which edition to use (Home or Pro). I read on some sites that remote desktop is not included in the home edition.
A different site says that only connecting TO a computer with Win10 Home doesn't work but this computer itself can use the remote desktop client.

I need to connect via remote desktop to a server running windows server 2012. Would that be possible with the home edition of win 10?

Best Answer

This is possible, Take a look at this link.

Like previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 Home offers a client for connecting to Remote Desktop servers, but not the Remote Desktop server itself. To host a Remote Desktop server using Windows 10’s built-in Remote Desktop feature, you’ll need Windows 10 Professional. However, there are many other remote-desktop solutions that don’t require Windows 10 Professional and are easier to set up.