Windows 10 guest OS stuck booting in Virtualbox on Ubuntu 16.04 host

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Microsoft offers these downloadable virtual machine images for cross-browser testing (IE8-IE11 and Edge). My host OS is Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit) and I'm running Virtualbox 5.0.40_Ubuntu r115130.

The problem I experience is that loading two of the images Win10 stable and also the Win10 preview (after having successfully imported the appliances) gets stuck at the start screen. My host OS shows one CPU core fully utilized, so it's likely a CPU bottleneck, right?

enter image description here

After about a quarter of an hour, still no progress here.

At importing the appliance I left everything as it was preconfigured (4096MB memory, 1 CPU, etc.). Is there any "trick" to overcome this?

Best Answer

I have had the same problem.

I fixed it by changing the Virtualbox Setting -> System -> Acceleration -> Paravirtualization Interface and selecting KVM instead of "default".

Now boot Window 10 again and it should boot.

You may select "none" but the performance is so much slower.

FYI: I have the same version of virtualbox 5.0.40_Ubuntu r115130 and upgraded to windows 10 1709.