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I am having to read through a MASSIVE (1000+ page) PDF specification in Adobe Reader. It has always bugged me that if you scroll to the edge of a page, the Reader automatically jumps to the top of the next page.

Is there a way to cut this functionality off so that as I'm scrolling, the bottom of the current page has a minimal space, and the next page continually scrolls into view, rather to jump in and take over the full display area?

I know that Microsoft Word can behave this way. Is there a setting in Adobe Reader 10, or higher, that I can change that will allow continuous document scrolling?

Best Answer

For Adobe Reader X, XI:

To make continuous scrolling the default behavior:

Edit » Preferences » Accessibility » Always use Page Layout Style. Check Single Page Continuous.

To only do this for the current session:

Go to View » Page Display and check the option Enable Scrolling (this is only a one-time fix and will be reset the next time you open Adobe).

For Adobe Reader 9:

Go to View » Page Display and check the option Single Page Continuous.

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