VMware Workstation isolating guest to a separate internet


I have N1 and N2 network. The host has two ethernet adapters E1 and E2. The host is connected to N1 through E1, but I want to connect a guest to N2, and I do not want N2 to affect the host by any means. E2 is not a USB ethernet, so I cannot redirect the adapter to VM directly.

I followed the instruction on this page. The page says uncheck everything on E2 except the VMware Bridge Service. But I found that if I do not also check IP4, the guest gets no internet connection. Is there any way to achieve what I want, without enabling IP4 on E2? Because enabling IP4 on E2 would make the host reachable from N2.

Best Answer

Last I tried that at work, it did not work.

Today I tried that again at home. First I connected with only the Bridge Service checked. The guest could not connect to the internet. Then I checked IP4. The guest could connect to the internet. Now I unchecked IP4 (leaving only the Bridge Service), and curiously, the guest could still connect to the internet. Even after guest reboot, the guest could connect to the internet.