VirtualBox – Fix Webserver Not Accessible on Host Browser


I setup and installed a CentOS6 webserver on a virtualbox.

Already setup port-forwarding of port 4444 to 80 so that I can access it and even disabled Win7 firewall.

I think that probably the problem is in apache httpd so I install lynx and I can view the test.html I created. But I can't access it in the host browser.

ifconfig says the guest ip is so when I try to access it in my web browser on i type :

I don't know what's wrong with my setup

EDIT: doesn't work either

Switched network type to bridged networking, still has windows firewall disabled, removed port-forwarding setting on virtualbox and I still could not access the web server. 🙁

Best Answer

Finally found the cause. Apparently, CentOS 6 iptables block httpd port 80 outside by default.

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