Use HDD enclosure as portable hard drive

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Someone here suggested that i should use an external hdd enclosure since my pc doesnt support a 2nd hdd and i want to use my old hdd. I will be permanently plugging that hdd enclosure to my pc and someone said it isnt safe. I'm really concerned since i would be using that drive and i'll probably be always using it since i'd play the music files i have in there.
Also, would it be ok if i use that enclosure as a portable external drive?

Best Answer

nonsense. it's not unsafe. See if it works. But at worst it just won't get enough power if it is getting its power from a single USB port(and will work when you give it enough power). So it should be either external power or some use 2 USB ports. You can get an adaptor to adapt SATA->USB takes a SATA laptop hdd and gives 2 USB ports. Or you can get one for a desktop sized hard drive that probably uses more power and needs an external ACDC adaptor.

I have a portable USB SATA drive that runs on one USB cable, so it is possible, though(for some reason)it works in one comp and not another and I prefer adaptors as I can then use an internal drive. An enclosure is just a box with an adaptor in it. Note- A single USB3 port can output more power than two USB2 ports so adaptors for USB3 would use one USB port rather than two.

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