Upgrading from 2GB to 8GB RAM


I have a TOSHIBA Satellite Laptop which has 2GB RAM and an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, T5750 2GHz.

I am considering buying an additional 8GB RAM for the machine. I have little knowledge about hardware and am not sure if 8GB ram will fit the machine or not.

What should I do?

At the most basic level, do you think that it will affect my computer positively at all if I put new RAM in it? I'm considering at least 4GB but would look at 8GB if it will certainly give better performance.

The machine is currently running Windows Vista 32-bit – I plan to purchase Windows 7 Home Premium this month. Would I be able to install the 64-bit edition on this machine and it would take advantage of 8GB of RAM?

Best Answer

To begin with, to use that amount of memory, you need to have a 64-bit Operating system.

Next, I would check the chipset of your laptop's motherboard (can usually be seen at startup, usually one letter and two numbers. Then look up the specification. I can't comment for certain, but a lot of laptops of Core 2 age don't support more than 4GB of memory.

edit -- update

Sorry, your laptop will NOT be able to support 8GBs, I saw the model number you wrote above and tracked it down as a Satellite A300-1J1, this has a GM965 Chipset, and from Intel's specifications, it states that the maximum amount of supported memory is 4GBs

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