Ubuntu make symbolic link between new folder in Home to existing folder


To the point. I have Ubuntu Maverick running on my Lenovo G450. Before, it was Windows 7. All my data are inside another partition, its NTFS.

FSTAB line to mount that partition :

/dev/sda5 /data ntfs auto,users,uid=1000,gid=1000,utf8,dmask=027,fmask=137 0 0

Inside /data there are folder Musics, Graphics, Tools, Cores, etc.

If I'm about to create new folder, let see, GFX on /home/apronouva/GFX and make it link or pointing to /data/Graphics, how do I do that ?

So when I open /home/apronouva/GFX the content will be the same as inside /data/Graphics .. and whatever changes I made inside GFX, it will also affect /data/Graphics

I tried :
$ ln -s /data/Graphics /home/apronouva/GFX

it resulted : error, cannot make symbolic link between folder

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Best Answer

Have you tried adding the -d option in your ln command , according to the manual that is what is used to link directories.

Also if you have a GUI (GNOME) you can always right click on the directory you want to link to and click the make link option that appears in the right click menu.


  1. Right click on /data/Graphics
  2. Then choose make link
  3. Drag the new link where ever you need and rename it.
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