Ubuntu – Directory comparison in Meld but ignoring changes that only involve file timestamp


I'm using Meld to compare two directories of source code on Ubuntu.

However, because all of the files in one of the directories have been 'touched' so that all of their timestamps were updated, Meld is showing them as different, even though the contents of the files have not changed. But I'm only trying to find files that have different content. I don't see an option to get Meld just to look at changed contents. Any ideas for how to do this in Meld or is there a better GUI directory comparison tool for Ubuntu?

Best Answer

The display appears different for files that have different timestamps to those that have really changed

Quoted from debian mailing list

The current behaviour of meld is such that, a small red dot is used in the right hand bottom corner of the icon for a file with newer timestamp even if the files being compared are identical. If the files are different, then both files are shown as red with a thick red dot in the newer-timestamp file.

I use Meld and I think it is the best graphical diff program.

Maybe Kompare will do what you want.

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