Ubuntu – Ctrl+Alt+T doesn’t open a Terminal in Cinnamon 1.6

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I just updated to the stable version of Cinnamon 1.6 in Ubuntu 12.04 x64, but I found a bug which just get's me out of my skin.

The key combination CtrlAltT which is supposed to open up the Terminal doesn't work.

Any ideas?

P.S. I would really like to stick with the same shortcut.

Best Answer

You could try creating a custom shortcut for terminal with Ctrl-Alt-T as the assigned keyboard shortcut.

Open keyboard from Menu and move to Custom Shortcuts. Add a new shortcut by clicking on the + button. Add a relevant name to the shortcut. Input gnome-terminal or Linux Mint alternative command and add the keyboard shortcut you desire.

Keyboard shortcuts

See my answer on Ask Ubuntu for reference:

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