Toshiba Satellite L755 – Key for BIOS settings


I'm trying to get into my Toshiba laptop's bios so I can boot from USB to install Xubuntu, but the POST is darting by too fast for me to try different keys, and the first thing I see on my screen when booting is the Windows logo. I don't even see Toshiba's logo anymore.

Does anyone know the correct key to access the BIOS on a Toshiba Satellite L755 series? Exact model is L755-S5246.

Best Answer

After trying all the options on forums and the Toshiba site, I went through all the f keys a couple of times and found f12 worked the second time around. Try ctrl+alt+delete to reset to Toshiba screen quickly when one doesn't work and it begins to load os or go to blank screen. To load ubuntu I had to disable safe boot to change bios to old version, non uefi called csg or something. Boot worked fine for linux after that. Alternatively, if you still have windows 8 installed, go to start menu type bios in search bar, click on change advanced settings(think it was called, the first obvious option anyway) and you can do it through the interface provided.

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