This cord called and how can I extend it


I built a server recently, and the only hitch was that one of the cords running from my case to the motherboard was only just long enough. It is under strain, pulling at the connection point and pressing down heavily on my RAM chips, as you can see in these photos:

enter image description here
enter image description here

I'm guessing I could just stick in an extension and run the cord around the edge of the box. But the problem is I don't know what these cords are called, or whether it's even possible to buy an extension. The alternative is to wire one myself, but I'd prefer to just buy an extension if possible.

Does anyone know whether such a thing exists and, if so, what they're called?

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This is how I would do it - it's a soldering job:

  • Look at the black connector housings on the end of the cable and they should have a slot through which a metal tab (circled in pic below) can be seen - this is the locking tab for the metal connector inside the plastic housing. By pushing the tab back down with a small jewellers' screwdriver, you can pull out the metal connector - careful as they are quite thin.

Crimp connector

  • Next, carefully cut the connectors off the wires. Usually, the connectors are crimped onto the wire.

  • Carefully solder a pair of new wire tails over the top of the crimp area on the connector. You could use some 'spare' wires from previous motherboard builds or perhaps strip the cores out of an unneeded network or other cable. Sometimes it's necessary to cut off the top off the connector where the original wire's insulation was crimped down for strain relief in order that the new wire sits flush when soldered.

  • Using a fine blade or small screwdriver, gently raise the metal locking tab you initially pushed down - about 0.5-1mm - and slide the metal connectors back into the plastic housings and confirm they lock back in.

  • Slide about 2cm of heatshrink sleeving over the tails - or skip this and use electrical tape over the joints later.

  • Strip both sets of wires about 2mm and solder the tails to the existing wires.

  • Slide the heatshrink sleeving into place and shrink it - or use the electrical tape - to cover the solder joints.

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