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I am experiencing display interference on a dell 24" flat panel monitor.I find that if I adjust the pixel clock settings up or down in the monitor's on-screen menus, the interference goes away for a while.

The monitor is attached to a Macbook Pro using a mini display to VGA adapter. I have found that in a different house, I get the interference problem less so it might be related to electricity supply or possibly even ethernet powerline (total guess).

What does the pixel clock setting actually do and does this behaviour point to a likely cause of the interference?

Best Answer

The pixel clock adjusts how wide the input pixels are. VGA is an analog input, there are no clear-cut boundaries between pixels and the monitor must guess.

If the clock setting gets misadjusted, your display gets blurry and that’s probably why it no longer causes interference.

To adjust the clock and phase settings properly, view a pixel checkerboard on your screen and use the “Auto” option in your monitor menus.

Also, have you considered connecting your screen via DVI?

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