The BIOS key for lenovo G500


I am trying to enable intel VT through BIOS but can't access.
I read that the small button next to power button can be used but a system restore is needed …
Is it safe or is there any other way to enter the BIOS?

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This answer was provided by ParrotMac in the comments to the question. His answer probably saved me a few minutes of searching all around for the right Function key to enter the bios, therefore I think his answer deserves to be in the answers provided.

The Lenovo G500 actually provides a small button just to the right of the power button with a curving arrow on it. First shutdown the machine and then press the button. The machine will turn on and you'll be able to choose between: - Normal Start up - BIOS - Boot Sequence - System Recovery

Or, in the words of ParrotMac:

Newer Lenovos have a very small button that's usually somewhat recessed... From an off state, simply press this button and your computer will either boot to the BIOS, or to a menu allowing you to choose the BIOS

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