SSD and HDD at same time in Dell XPS L502X


I have Dell XPS 15 L502x laptop with 750GB HDD. I want to know that can I install additional SSD in this laptop to decrease boot time and app load time.

I checked internet and found that XPS 17 have additional slot for extra HDD. here is the link

Can I install the SSD in Dell XPS L-502X

Best Answer

Yes, you can add a second drive to this laptop, and that second drive can be a SSD. In order to make room for that you need to remove the optical drive.

This gives you two options:

  1. With no need for the optical drive.

    • Shutdown the laptop and remove power (both netpower and battery)
    • Flip the laptop over and remove the bottom cover (3 screws)
    • Remove the screw keeping the CDROM in place.
    • Replace that with the caddy with the SSD
    • And replace the screws and the covers. Plug in power. When you boot to the BIOS you should see two drives. The old HDD and the new SSD.

      After this I suggest doing a nice clean install on the SSD, update the OS and make a backup. The last in case you ever need to fix the OS after a virus infection, otherwise not related to installing the SSD).

      You can also move the old installation from the HDD to the SSD using Acronis. ghost or similar programs. I will not go into detail because there are already a lot of answers on this site on how to do that.

  2. Or, if you need an optical drive and can't live without it: Open up the laptop, remove the old HDD and install the SSD in its place. If the SSD is too small for your taste then putting the old HDD in an external case (e.g. via eSATA or USB) will help, but seriously consider if two drives and no CDROM or an external CDROM isn't a better option. (Hint: you can rip the movies to disk, which means you will never need an optical drive again).

This recording on youtube shows removing the optical drive and replacing it with a caddy. It might be worth watching.