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Just setup a Windows 10 Laptop, I have one base account which is administrator and 2 user accounts to be used by two other users.

I installed an application ( Scratch Desktop ) from base user account but other users are unable to see this.

Installation steps did not prompt in any way to make it available to all users.
How to I make this program available to all users, anything that involves not copying the full program to each user profile folders is appreciated.

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Best Answer

What Worked For Me

I literally moved the application folder from my administrator account folders at C:\Users[MYUSERNAME]\AppData\Roaming[MYPROGRAMNAME] to C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming[MYPROGRAMNAME].

I did have to manually create the directory path C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming\ myself because it didn't exist.

Once I moved the program folder in there though, the program still ran on my administrator account just fine (which it always did), but what's even better: it now also ran just fine for my standard accounts without any additional effort!

I suppose I should state that I did also go back and login as my standard accounts and redirected the "Starts In" and "Target" fields for the program icon properties on their desktops so that they pointed instead to the C:\Users\Public\AppData\Roaming[MYPROGRAMNAME] folder. The software ran even before that, but I only took this step so that the program icon would match the image expected. But that was trivial. Everything was running fine at this point anyway, and ran fine afterwards too.

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